Lazy Beach Days of Summer


One of the reasons we moved to Massachusetts is to be near to the beach, or so my wife tells me. We are still an hour away from any beach town, so i am not so sure how "near the beach" that really is, but I suppose it is much closer than when you're living in a land-locked state. One of our favorite little beach towns to visit in the Summer is the hidden Massachusetts treasure, Salisbury beach.


For the fourth of July, the town has a whole host of events including some pretty good fireworks displays and decent live music. This year was the second annual Pet Parade, to showcase all the local and beach-driven doggie talent. While we couldn’t bring our own old fella’, we shared in the family fun watching our neighbors present their furry family.


If that wasn't enough charm for you, the neighborhood where we stay puts on their very own parade, banging pots and pans and wearing their favorite American paraphernalia.  One year Corina marched next to a man wearing a kitchen sink (too bad I didn't have the fancy camera back then!).


The beach is close enough for a day-trip if we're interested, but usually we rent a house with our family and stay for the week. The prices are still relatively affordable (for Massachusetts) and the crowds are not too heavy.

The downtown area is currently going through a revitalization effort to restore some of the glory days when the beach boardwalks boasted carnival rides. They now have carousel rides and a lovely large green space with lounge chairs and fun games like bean bag toss (or cornhole to my family in the OH) and large foam blocks for youngsters to use to build and play.


When you get right down to it, despite all the craziness in the world, we Americans can bridge the differences and can share some familiarity in the of Fourth-of July. After all, we are all looking for a little good old-fashioned American comfort food, a day in the sun, and dogs dressed as superheros. 


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