Summer Road Trippin' Saga Continues

Part two: Colorful Colorado

Road-trips can take many forms, and while I've made the trip by car to Colorado from my new home state of Massachusetts (and vice versa!) too many times to count, the last time I went to Colorful Colorado, I flew. By car, you can make it non-stop in 30 hours or so if you're really trying. This of course, I didn't have time for, with a quick weekend trip being all that I had planned. Of course, I had, as usual, planned to do quite a bit of driving once back in my favorite verdant state. Luck would have it that on my first night in town, I came down with some kind of food poisoning (or similar bug!) and had to cancel much of my planned road-trip. 

The trip turned out not to be a total waste. I did still get to see a really awesome band at one of my favorite venues, and I snagged some pretty cool shots along the way.  Click through my gallery below to explore some of the beauty of this rugged, wild land.

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