A Little New England Christmas

Christmas is my wife’s favorite time of year. She love to decorate the house, play every song in the Christmas cannon, make bread-dough ornaments with our son and fill the house with the wonderful smells of baking. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the Holidays and I love to see my beautiful wife spending quality time teaching our son her favorite traditions, but my favorite part of the entire winter season is the feeling of peace and quiet that comes with the short winter days and the dusting of a new fallen snow (or two inches of rain, your experience may vary).

As my son re-watches Charlie Brown’s Christmas for what very well may be the 15th time already this season, I am reminded that not every Christmas tradition means racing to the store to beat out other shoppers looking to score deals, or spending gobs of money on sweet treats or big packages tied with ribbon, it is about spending our time with each other, and showing our families and the world around us that we care about our community and our world.


This year, may you have the time to reach beyond the commercialism which can so easily sweep you away and find the time to share your Christmas traditions with someone in your life.